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"My son Michael, who is 26 months old, has been attending Bloomfield Junior Academy Montessori Since he was 18 months.  The school has more than met my expectations and I feel very fortunate to have Michael at the school.  I can go to work trust my child is properly taken care of.

Thank you for all your help for Michael."

Evon and Abraham



"We are very proud of the progress our son has made at Bloomfield Junior Academy Montessori School all thanks to exceptional teachers and a great learning environment.  It is rewarding to see our son recite material, with understanding, from the monthly themes when he encounters them through conversation or books. Thank you for your commitment and dedication to our son."

The Williams Family


"Bloomfield Montessori is more than just a preschool for our daughters.  The warmth and knowledge that our girls receive far exceeds any expectations that we would have for a preschool.  The skills that they learn on a day-to-day basis have helped them to become more socially and emotionally advanced.  This school is providing more than just learning how to read and write it is giving children a foundation of life skills that they will forever need.  We cannot thank the staff at Bloomfield enough for the impression you have left on our girls."

Christina and Carlo



"Words connot begin to express how grateful we are the EVERYONE at Bloomfield Junior Academy Montessori School.  Olivia has grown and learned so much over the last 8 months.  She really enjoys coming to school as she was always treated with such love by her second family.  Thank you so much Bloomfield and I wish you all the success and hope many more students are blessed with such an amazing experience.  Thank you so much How lucky we are you opened your school."

The Derlis Family

"As is the case for many, education is very important in our family.  As parents we explored many early education options for our children and quickly became overwhelmed at not seeing a clear choice.  The minute we walked into Bloomfield Junior Academy Montessori  School all of that changed, and we knew instantly that we had found the right match.  Going in, we met a dynamic group of teachers that were passionate and dedicated to providing children with the very best education and experience possible.  The teachers made the transition seamless for our family and my children are always excited to be there.  The growth and development that we have seen in them, academically and socially, is astounding and we could not be happier.  Each child is made to feel welcome and the teachers are constantly going above and beyond to ensure that each individual student is getting everything they need be successful and feel good about themselves.  Accomplishments are celebrated and students are left feeling such a sense of pride.  We are so grateful to have found Bloomfield Montessori and cannot thank the staff enough for all they do every day."