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Program Statement

We believe that children can succeed in all aspects of life because they are competent, capable individuals who are curious and rich in potential.

“The whole child”, will exceed not only in all areas of academics, but also in life skills.

With this belief…

Bloomfield Junior Academy Montessori School endeavors to value and build on the children’s strengths and abilities. The school provides an enriched and positive learning program, that challenges and stimulates the curiosity of the child through the exploration and manipulation of concrete educational materials, within a safe and nurturing Montessori environment (both indoors and outdoors), free from all prohibited practices listed in Section 48 of the Child Care and Early Years Act.

Montessori Curriculum:


Practical Life: to develop fine motor skills, eye-hand co-ordination, concentration, confidence and in-direct preparation for printing.

  • Pouring wet/dry ingredients

  • Spooning wet/dry ingredients

  • Tweezers

  • Cutting

  • Beading

  • Matching

  • Sorting

  • Sewing

  • Pasting

  • Lacing


Sensorial: materials help to refine each of the senses and dexterity


Mathematics: number printing, number recognition, rote counting, skip counting, addition, multiplication, fractions, time, measurement and more.


Language:  letter printing, sound recognition, phonics, reading, journal entries, writing short stories, grammar, sentence structure, etc.


Cultural Studies:  Science, Geography, Botany, Zoology, History, Biology


Others:  Arts and Crafts, music, outdoor activities and rest time for the children who require rest and is based on their developmental needs.


Children are also capable of learning through example:

  • The Teachers will demonstrate the utmost respect when interacting and communicating with other adults, as well as children. In turn, this will encourage children to interact and communicate in a positive manner and will support their ability to self-regulate.

  • Teachers are encouraged to eat healthy and nutritious snacks, thereby providing opportunities for discussions with the children of the importance and benefits of healthy eating.


We emphasize the importance of a Parent-Teacher working relationship, in order to ensure that every child’s individual needs are met (health, safety, nutrition and well-being).

We will foster this working relationship and shared responsibility between parents and teachers through daily open communications, parent/teacher interviews, family events, monthly newsletters, progress reports and Parent Bulletin.


Our trained and knowledgeable Teachers understand that opportunities for child-initiated and adult-supported experiences may occur and the Teachers are encouraged to foster this moment, as well as giving consideration to the individual needs of the children throughout the day.

The Teachers have created a learning environment that brings forth positive experiences in which each child’s learning and development is supported.


Teachers will be provided opportunities to participate in professional development workshops throughout the course of the employment with the school.


The involvement of community partners plays an integral part in maintaining a supportive, nurturing and educational environment.


Bloomfield Junior Academy Montessori School will review the program statement with all employees, students and volunteers prior to interacting with the children and at any time when the program statement is modified during monthly staff meetings, for review and annually thereafter. All employees, students and volunteers will sign and date an agreement to abide the program statement, as well as the signature of the Directress/Supervisor’s signature who made the review initially, and again if modified and annually thereafter.


The school and its employees will continue to ensure that the approaches set out in the program statement continue to be implemented and therefore, reviews and discussions of the said program will be a constant topic during monthly staff meetings.

All modifications will be documented and signed by all employees, volunteers and students; as well as the signing of the staff meetings in relation to the employee’s compliance to the program statement.